Car Exporter to Bangladesh from UK

Car Exporter to Bangladesh from UK

Auto Export Group is a renowned name as a car exporter to Bangladesh. We have people that have experience in the car sector for decades. We take pride in our reputation for 100% customer satisfaction: luxury car exports, Sports and prestige car Specialists for the UK. We offer our customers exceptional value motoring, in beautiful motor cars, without sacrificing our commitment to quality or service. We specialize in sourcing and shipping handpicked motor vehicles.

On Google and other search engines, we are a reputed platform that signifies our commitment and investment in car export to Bangladesh business. Our rating shows our drive to build client relationships and crucial attention to detail while choosing our stock.

Our rapport as a quality car exporter to Bangladesh has helped to develop our business reputation beyond the borders of the UK to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and other parts of Europe.

Our stock contains both used and new cars that we ship to a vast range of clients. We consider the specific model requests with pricing agreed by our client. From providing car export to Bangladesh details to the customer to the timely and safe delivery of the vehicle in Bangladesh, we are the safest bet. Partnering with the leading makers and certified merchants, we expertly handle the cycle.

Since we believe in direct car export to Bangladesh, the cars are delivered from our UK office for entire inspection and photography. Our prices are highly competitive.

So, if you need a reliable company as a car exporter to Bangladesh, come to us.

  • Shipping between UK and a serviced port of exporting cars to Bangladesh of your choice.
  • UK Customs entry
  • Bangladesh Customs entry
  • MPi (MAF) inspection and clean (completed in UK)
  • Bangladesh Ministry Of Shipping Structural Border Inspection (completed in the UK)
  • Full insurance cover while in our care
  • Deliver to a compliance centre of your choice, local to the port of delivery in Bangladesh


Any local taxes due are extra to the quote.

We hire the services of the most reputed and reliable logistics companies for transporting your vehicle to the port and ensuring its proper loading to the container. Usually, the container size ranges from 20 feet to 40 feet, based on the size of the vehicle to be exported. The loading is accompanied with the provision of vehicle photographs as well as the wheels to be fixed at the base of the container to ensure solidarity.

We arrange direct vehicles’ deliveries from the dealer to our UK office, for vehicles’ inspection, photography and completing export documentation. The vehicles are uploaded onto container to transport to the port.

  • Once the vehicle reaches the port, it is photographed and passes through gate-in survey. This report we get within 48 hours.
  • Bangladesh Ministry of Primary industries inspects the vehicle as per bio security standards.
  • The vehicle passes through the initial structural inspection, as per Bangladesh Transport Agency standards, conducted by a specialized third-party service provider.
  • Upon clearance, the vehicle is loaded onto the container and pictures are sent to the customer to confirm the loading vessel and container number.
  • Upon delivery in Bangladesh, the vehicle is transported to the compliance center of a customer’s choice.

Throughout the process, keeps you updated about each phase of your car delivery and makes sure you get your desired car with least hassles.

Delivery to any of the following ports in Bangladesh Chittagong Port Dhaka ICD Mongla Port

  • Delivery of your vehicle to a compliance centre local to the port of entry
  • Customs entry UK
  • Ministry of Primary Industries bio hazard inspection and clean if required
  • Bangladesh Transport Agency Structural Border Inspection
  • Full insurance cover while in our care
  • All UK clearances and handling

Please contact if you require any further details.