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A Hybird tourer manufactured in Italy by well known automobile manufacturer Puritalia , Puritalia  introduced Puritalia Berlinetta introduced this model in 2019 for automobile lovers for purchase and import. And it is the first and finest car manufactured by company also. Puritalia made fast and quality productions to export Puritalia Berlinetta to the whole globe.

Let’s Have An Overview

Being the owner of a Berlinetta is all contrary while having a repeated motor car. Puritalia gives credit to those who become the proud possessor of a Berlinetta. Puritalia declares such customers as a substantial member of their customary group and entitles the owners of Berlinetta as an elite member of their membership. As it ultimately brings the golden opportunity to the purchasers to take part in car’s compositions while at the same time having substantial information of major issues related to its manufacturing. The customer will be given an honorary treatment by personally introducing all the crucial points at its initial delivery of its introduction till to its ending point.


Puritalia Berlinetta is a type of sports car that is a prototype for high speed with 965bhp from its 5.0L which all generates from V8 and 215hp electric motors. This sports car with maximum energy or force at full tilt advance couples with long-distance driving is within 150 units and 208mph, 0-60mph all finishing the entire course in duration of few moments which becomes all uncountable if noted in figures all in all it makes 2.7 seconds

The car is a strongly and solidly built consolidating coalesces of performance and luxury attributes with a carbon-fibre body. It all takes 800 hours to construct the car.

Berlinetta was Puritalia’s first construction which was first in line to show the look and function or working in 2019 at Geneva Motor Show. The car reflects the highly appropriated 1960s GT with Power output: of 750 PS (552 kW; 740 hp).

The car’s weight equally divides onto two as first on the front axle, and half on the rear. Further the engine’s rotational force merges with AP Racing brakes when a foot forces on the brake pedal, a connected lever pushes a piston into the efficient cylinder which immediately gets rid of kinetic energy while converting it into heat energy. The subject matter is all complementary with the battery which takes 3 hours to fully recharge. The car has a productive operating system, substantial and crucial functions which undergo road conditions like traffic and weather while resulting in the safest ride.


0-60 MPH - 2.7S
ICE/PHEV/EV - 5.0L V8 + Electric
Total Units - 150
Vehicle length 4500mm
Vehicle width 1957mm
Wheelbase TBC
Dry Weight 1410kg
Engine / cylinders / valves TBC
Max torqued 878 Nm
Power output 965 BHP
Top speed 150 mph
Acceleration 0-60 mph 2.7 sec
Fuel Consumption
Urban TBC
Extra urban TBC
Combined consumption / range 1 TBC
CO2 emissions (combined) TBC
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New Puritalia prices start from €465,000. This is the manufacturer’s recommended retail price (RRP) including VAT, Road Tax and Registration as of February 2020. Please call us to discuss options